UK Study Days with Bonnie Innouye


Wednesday 6 November

Designing Four-Colour Doubleweave

A hands-on laptop-based design workshop
1) You must be properly familiar with Fiberworks (either CW or Mac). It is not enough to download it the week before and plan to work through the basics!
2) You will need a laptop. (I have one or two I could lend but they will probably not have validated versions of Fiberworks so you would not be able to print or save).

Numbers: Restricted to 12 at Bonnie’s request

Venue: The Handweavers Studio, 140 Seven Sisters Road, London  N7 7NS

Thursday 7 November

Turn the Tied

Off-loom workshop

Bonnie presented a seminar on this topic (turning tied weaves) at CW Seminars in Washington, DC last year. She covered a lot of ground in it, and it’s certainly a topic that would benefit from having a whole day to explore the concepts, design methods, and considerations of when to turn and when not to turn.

Numbers: I will try to find a venue to accommodate everyone who lets me know within the week that they want to attend.

Venue:  To be announced. If number are below 12 or thirteen we may hold it in my home, 10 minutes’ walk from Highgate tube. If numbers are greater, I will find a venue as central as possible in London.

Costs:  Ballpark £50 per day. It may come down to £40 if we don’t have any venue charges, or it may go up to £55. I doubt it will go beyond that.

Anyone interested should contact me via email at


Complexity 2014

Get the design vibes flowing, the drafts perfected, and the shuttles loaded.  The prospectus and entry form for Complexity is here: Prospectus & Entry Form 2014 Complexity in 2014 will open at the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in the Spring of 2014.
Entries are due November 18, 2013.  Other venues are during Seminars in Tacoma and at a gallery in Providence during Convergence.

For full details see the Complexity 2014 Home Page!

Complex Weavers Awards

The Complex Weavers Award is provided as an encouragement for weavers to push the boundaries of weaving.  The Award focusses  on excellence in weaving with specific application of a threading draft or structure to achieve a complex interlacement of threads and fibers beyond plain weave. There is no requirement that the pieces must be woven on a designated number of shafts or on a multiple shaft loom.

In return, CW asks for a description of the piece and a slide and/or photograph that will be copied for the new slide kit, for the gallery on the website and the archives.

A short article for the CW Journal would be appreciated.  Each award comes with a certificate and a cherished ribbon featuring the Complex Weavers logo woven by Lillian Whipple.  The  streamers for the 2012 award were woven by Sandy Hutton.

For more information, contact the First Vice President.

As new winners of the Complex Weavers Award are announced, the details will appear here….