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Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning (Personal Approaches to Design)

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Pre-orders are now closed.  Stay tuned for announcements when the book is available to order.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Complex Weavers, this book will be available late 2019.

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CW Greatest Hits

Price: $34.95 plus shipping

In honor of the 21st birthday of Complex Weavers, a book of members’ favorite drafts was published in 2000. Drafts from 2 to ? shafts, drafts for drawlooms, kumihimo, tablet weaving, and passementerie.

This is a design book, not a project book. Suggested setts and materials are generally not included. Each draft includes threading or block profile, tie-up, treadling or peg plan[both if possible], and a drawdown if applicable. Suggested uses for the draft are included. The author of each design is included.

The book also includes a CD with all drafts as .wif files.

CW Journal Back Issues

A limited number of back issues of the Journal are available.

Issues less than two years old are available to Complex Weavers members only.

Pricing, including shipping is as follows:

$10 per issue in the U.S.

$13 per issue for Canada

$15 per issue for  International

SALE: Complex Weavers Journal Back Issues

Back issues of the Complex Weavers Journal that are two years or older are available at a “Buy Two Get Three” price for both members and non-members through the CW Website Marketplace. Currently that includes October 2017, Issue 115, and older.

Please select the desired issues below and submit your order. The total will be adjusted on the PayPal invoice that you will receive after submitting your order.


Back Issues currently available:

June 2012/Issue 99

October 2012/Issue 100

June 2013/Issue 102

October 2013/Issue 103

June 2014/Issue 105

February 2015/Issue 107

June 2015/Issue 108

October 2015/Issue 109

February 2016/Issue 110

June 2016/Issue 111

October 2016/Issue 112

February 2017/Issue 113

June 2017/Issue 114

October 2017/Issue 115

February 2018/Issue 116

June 2018/Issue 117

October 2018/Issue 118

February 2019/Issue 119

June 2019/Issue 120

October 2019/Issue 121

Complex Weavers Compilation 3

Price: $24.95 plus shipping

covers articles from Issue 56 to 67, January 1998 through September 2001

Complex Weavers Compilation 4

Price: $24.95 plus shipping

covers articles from Issue 68 to 76, January 2002 through September 2004

Compilation 3 & 4

Price: $45.00 plus shipping

Complex Weavers Pin

Price: $7.50 each plus shipping

Let people know you are proud to be a member of Complex Weavers and get a logo pin to wear on your lapel, on your hat, on a sash or on your nametag at a weaving conference. This oval pin has a silver coloured base with our name and updated logo in light blue and green.  It fastens with a tie-tack back.

CW Early Weaving Books on CD

This is your opportunity to have a weaving rare book library on your computer.

CW is making available CD-ROMs [Windows, Max, and Linux compatible] containing a number of early printed weaving books including Franz Donat’s 9015 patterns, John Murphy’s Treatise on the Art of Weaving, the 18th century pattern books of J M Frickinger and J M Kirschbaum, and many other difficult to obtain books. These may be downloaded from Ralph Griswold’s web site but it is much easier to pop a CD into your computer and access them in that fashion. Ralph kindly provided Complex Weavers with CD-ROMs of the materials. The proceeds above costs will go to help fund future CW publications. As of April 28, 2004, there are available the first five volumes in the series. For lists of the titles available on each of the five CD’s, download cwcdtitl Note: this file requires Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded from here:

Complex Weavers Online Merchandise Order