I can't login--what do I do now?

Check out this article from the October 2013 Newsletter  by Peg MacMorris, our former membership chair:  Website Navigation

Do I need a certain number of shafts to join?

No, there is no minimum shaft requirement to join CW. Complex interlacements can be made on a 2 shaft loom.
Other complex weavings can be made on a primitive back strap loom, or even no loom!    Some of our members are historians, mathematicians, or computer scientists who do not weave.

Spend some time in our Galleries and our Study Group Listings to see the variety of interests our members share.

Do I need to be an advanced weaver to join?

No, there is no level requirement to join CW. You may decide to join and just read the Journal where a variety of subjects and levels is covered. Or, you may find a study group that interests you. All of the study groups include intermediate and advanced weavers, but many also welcome non-weavers or beginning weavers.

Seminar classes tend to be geared toward intermediate and advanced weavers but there are always options that would suit the weaver who is less far along. For example, classes have been given in color interactions, weaving for clothing, back strap and other ethnic textiles, historical textiles, and loom development.

Do I need a sponsor or invitation to join?

Definitely not! While many members have learned about Complex Weavers by word of mouth, all who are interested are welcome to join.   Simply visit our Join, Renew or Update pages to sign up.

Do I have to join a study group right away?

No. In fact, you don’t ever have to join a study group if you don’t want to. On the other hand, you can join several when you find some common interests. You can even start a study group and invite others to join. Visit the study group pages to see what our members are currently exploring: Study Groups

How can I get automatic notifications when announcements are posted on the site?

It’s easy–just visit

The first time you visit the link, you will be prompted to subscribe to the RSS feed.

After that, each time you check your feeds, you’ll be able to see if any new items have been posted in News and Events.

How do I add my avatar to my profile page?

Go to your profile and scroll down to the avatar section.  If you haven’t uploaded an image you will see a little gray and white ‘mystery man’ image.  (Yes, I know it should be ‘mystery person’ but it’s most commonly referred to that way elsewhere on the internet.)

Now, use the browse button and browse your computer for the image you want to use.  When you’ve selected it, the file name should appear in the field.  Next click on the ‘Upload Avatar’ link to the left of the picture frame.  It may look as though that’s just another label, but it’s really an active link.

After you’ve done the upload, scroll down to the bottom of the profile page and click the Update Profile button, and you’re done!