Complex Weavers maintains a library that strives to collect representative material from its study group exchanges, exhibitions, and publications as well as a collection of books, magazines and periodicals, member publications and copies of pre-copyrighted material.  The primary focus of the library is, of course, weaving but material on spinning, dyeing, kumihimo, exposition booklets, and historically related publications are also found.  The library currently contains over eighteen hundred books plus several hundred more magazines.  It is accessible to any active member for the cost of postage plus a one dollar donation to help maintain the library.  The books are cataloged online on Library Thing and may be searched without having to be a member of Library Thing.

How to Borrow from the Library


1. Once the member has determined what book they are looking for or would like to borrow they can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to submit their request. (Click here to browse the Library Thing listing.)

2. The librarian will find the material and determine a weight in order to estimate postage. It is usually possible to have more than one type of mail from which to choose.  Material sent by flat rate box will have a set price while media mail or first class will be determined when the material is taken to the post office.  A $1 handling fee is added to the total cost.

3. The borrower has the option to reimburse the library through the library account on PayPal at  or by sending a check to the librarian.

4. The material may be kept for 30 days and may be retained for another 30 days by renewing as long as no one else has requested the material.

5. The material is returned in the same manner as received.  We request that tracking be used on all packages.

6. The borrower is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing books and will be charged repair costs for damaged books.  Failure to return books promptly and in good condition may result in loss of library privileges.

7. Some fragile books no longer under copyright are circulated as copies.  The borrower is expected to abide by all copyright regulations in the use of the library material.  Books no longer under copyright may be copied as long as care is taken to preserve the integrity of the book.  A page or two for personal use is permitted.

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