Seminar Topics

July 10 – 13, 2018          Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV


Select a seminar for each time slot. If your first choice seminar is full, select it anyway and you will be put on a waitlist.  Also select a second choice.

Seminars fill quickly, register early!

Wednesday AM

101  What Goes Up? What Comes Down? (Vandermeiden)
102  The Little Things (MacGregor)
103  E-weave Meets Deflected Double Weave (Coe)
104  Satin Out of the Shadows (Gibson)
105  Building Your Own Draw Loom (Eyring)
106  Prehistoric Southwestern Textiles (Thode)

Thursday AM

301  Hands On: Photographing Textiles (Coca)
302  Dare to Compare (and Contrast) Industrial Weaving vs Handweaving (Taylor, S)
303  Imagine . . . Imagery in Weave Design (Coe)
304  Blended Drafts (Vandermeiden)
305  Putting it All Together: Mixed Media & Collaborations (Walker)
306 The Prime Numbers of Weaving – Systematic Weave Drafting & Derivation (Von Tresckow)

Friday AM

501  Pageantry of Japanese Textiles (Marshall)
502  FULL—Echoes and Iridescence: Designing Rainbows (Taylor, J)
503  Uzbek Ikat Velvet Weaving (Pickett)
504  Loom Interventions – Making That Loom Work for You (Eyring)
505  FULL—Beiderwand – Past Present & Moving Forward (Spady, Tracy, Jeryan)


Wednesday PM

201  Weaving Origami (Taylor, S)
202  From Shafts to Jacquard-Not a Big Leap (Rude)
203  FULL—Honeycomb Hybrid (Harvey-Brown, with Morris)
204  If Two Warps are Better, Why Not Three? (Walker)
205  Fringed, Clipped, Patched, Whiskered (George)
206  Tut to Tiraz: Tracing the Textiles of Egypt (Arthur-Hoskins)

Thursday PM

401  FULL—Intervals (Inouye)
402  Just for Fun (Totten)
403  Fun with Interleaved Threadings (Rude)
404  FULLEdges: Selvages, Hems and So Much More (Goslee)
405  FULLTies: Practical, Decorative, and Unconventional (Faulkner)
406  Tablet Weaving and Brocading (Dam)

Friday PM

Special Seminar for All Registrants