Bonnie Inouye

Bonnie has been weaving since 1967. Starting with 4 shafts, she bought a 16-shaft loom in 1987 and joined CW, attending CW Seminars in 1988 and ever since. Presenting seminars for CW has been a special joy and challenge. She has also presented workshops and seminars in nine countries and many states, and won numerous awards at fiber exhibits. She is currently working on the second edition of her book, Exploring Multishaft Design, and writing articles for CW Journal and other publications.




401 Thursday PM

Two or more layers of warp provide opportunities for interesting special effects. The interval is the space between any two lines of a threading sequence. The default interval is half of the number of shafts, but it could be a larger or smaller number. What is the role of the interval? Multiple layers of warp are often placed evenly on a given number of shafts, but uneven intervals are interesting. For example, on 8 shafts, each interval can be any number between 1 and 7. With so many options, woven samples are helpful.

Consider efficient ways to sample intervals for parallel threadings woven as twill or as turned taqueté (Jin), turned samitum, or double weave.