Sarah Goslee

Sarah Goslee is an avid researcher into the history and structure of textiles, the more complicated and obscure the better. She has taught at fiber arts festivals and guilds for many years, at Peters Valley Craft Center, and at Complex Weavers, and has written both popular and academic publications on textile history and technique. Her work is online at

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Edges: Selvages, Hems, and So Much More

404 Thursday PM

A wide array of techniques for finishing the edges of woven fabric has been used over the centuries and around the globe, including sewing, braiding, weaving, and fringe. The very common floating selvage is nowhere near the only option available, even on modern looms. This seminar looks at pictures and examples of different kinds of edgings, both integrally-woven and applied after weaving, from Scandinavian woven edging to Bolivian braided edging, and more. The lecture class will discuss the pros and cons of each for modern fiber arts, and present resources for learning more about their history and construction methods. Not just peripheral, these edgings can embellish your weavings while also making them sturdier and more functional.