Kay Faulkner

Kay has been a full-time weaver for over 30 years and loves the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to students both within Australia and internationally. The ability to create unique hand woven cloth is the prime focus of her studio practice. The potential of the woven structure is a source of fascination. She is committed to research and enjoys pushing the boundaries. She has gained Master Weavers Accreditation, and publishes and exhibits extensively in Australia and internationally. Since 2015 she operates a weaving school from her studio in Queensland. www.kayfaulkner.com.au



Ties: Practical, Decorative, and Unconventional

405 Thursday PM

The usual focus for tied unit weaves is on developing block patterns. This seminar focuses on the actual ties and, in particular creating imagery. What can be done with them? This approach is very different from the approach to tied unit weaves. Theory begins with exploring 6-shaft unit weaves on eight shafts. The remaining two pattern blocks allow for the development of positive and negative design. The availability of using more shafts for the ties on multi-shaft looms allows for design of greater complexity. The balance between tie design, block design, and ground structures is considered. Both ties and pattern blocks play an equally important role in imagery while alternate ground structures to plain weave gives us a more interesting textile. This is just the start of a grand adventure!