Brenda Gibson

Brenda is largely a self-taught weaver who became deeply absorbed in weaving since retiring from her professional financial career. She weaves on a 24-shaft loom and has more recently explored satins. Brenda is a keen member of three CW Study Groups:  Collapse, Pleat, & Bump, the Sixteens, and more recently Double Weave. She regularly teaches weaving classes to a wide range of levels and has given workshops on double cloth, Fiberworks weaving software, a UK CW study day on double two-tie threadings, and regular spinning workshops.

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Satin Out of the Shadows

104 Wednesday AM

Starting from the basics of satin, satin counters and clean breaks, regular and irregular satins, and the relationship with twills, Brenda covers sett and lustre factors, double-faced and double stitched satins. She looks at the design possibilities using yarns of different grists, and explores colour-and-weave. The issues of curl are examined, both for selvedge treatments and the exploitation of curl for woven furrows. Also discussed are her approach to shaded satins to achieve a transition between satin and sateen while totally avoiding transitional stripes. Damask for shaft looms is covered, using full and partial blocks, tie-ups not based on blocks and creating liftplans using Adobe® Photoshop®.