Stacey Harvey-Brown

Weaving for over 25 years, and teaching weaving since 2005, the last ten years Stacey has been absorbed by explorations into textural surfaces, from surface relief fabrics to three-dimensional art-works, including a 3-year study for a Masters Degree in dimensional weaving, and a touring exhibition (since 2014) with fellow CW member, Agnes Hauptli. Insatiable curiosity leads Stacey down unusual pathways, both technically and artistically, with inspiration sparked through animal, floral, and geological forms. She loves to develop work on a 24S AVL and to hone the essence of the techniques to 8 shafts, to make them accessible to more weavers. Stacey is organizing The Loom Room, in France, to teach workshops.


Moderator: Wendy Morris

Wendy’s personal weaving interests lie primarily in exploiting structures and fibres to create collapse, pleat or other 3D fabrics – all those areas where what you see when you take your cloth off the loom is by no means what you get when you’ve wet-finished it, and you take a very deep breath as you throw it into the washing machine!

Her work has been exhibited in the UK and US, and she has published a number of articles in the Complex Weavers Journal and the Journal of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. She was also privileged to co-produce (with Stacey Harvey-Brown) the CW DVD Peter Collingwood, Weaver. She was President of CW 2010–12.


Honeycomb Hybrids

Video Presentation in conjunction with Wendy Morris

203 Wednesday PM

Stacey Harvey Brown’s Seminar will be done by video with Wendy Morris moderating and using Stacey’s samples to illustrate and illuminate the video. Stacey will also be available to answer questions online. Wendy is knowledgeable in 3D fabrics, thus you will have the benefit of two qualified experts.

This will be breaking new ground for CW as we have not tried remote classes.  We are excited to bring this to Seminars as it opens up possibilities for classes from teachers who are unable to travel, but have valuable knowledge to share. Join CW in marching into the future-Seminars 2018.

Inspired by nature’s honeycombs created by honey bees, wasps, and erosion patterns seen in limestone caverns (just for starters!), Stacey has played around with honeycomb in weave for several years. Honeycomb is a simple but incredibly versatile structure that lends itself to many different guises. From a simple two-block weave through to complex visual and textural effects, this basic plain weave unit can be adapted and translated from traditional ‘honeycomb’ (or deflected weft) woven cells into overshot honeycomb ‘lace’ effects, warp and weft ribbed cells, double cloth, deflected double weave, and finally turned honeycomb. With many physical samples to illustrate the incredible variety that can be created, this is Honeycomb For All Tastes.  Stacey has recently self-published a book on this subject.  More information can be found here.

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