Marg Coe

Margaret’s early introduction to computers (1970’s) at the same time as teaching spinning, dyeing, and weaving led her to focus on digital design and weave structures. She has completed college studies in graphic design with concentrations in web and digital design, and is one of few with college credit in weave design with digital design software and approaches.

Margaret has won national awards in both weave and knit design, and is the author of: 4 —8 . . .Weave!; Fit 2 Be Tied—a digital approach; Designing 4 the Future; 2 Be Tied or Not 2 Be Tiedbook 1 not tied; publisher of Weft-Faced Designs; and co-chair of the CW Double Weave Study Group. She conducts workshops, in the US and internationally, with a concentration on digital design in weaving. Margaret’s current focus is on developing online weave design workshops of interest for weavers working on 8 or more shafts. e-weavinge-weaveonline


E-Weave Meets Deflected Double Weave

101 Wednesday AM

Designing Deflected Double Weave (DDW) using weave design software isn’t exactly simple, but the approaches offer different design potentials. The seminar focuses on such details as:

  • Create threadings using profile drafts or design lines
  • Design 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-end threading blocks
  • Compare plain weave and twill structures


Imagine . . .  Imagery in Weave Design

303 Thursday AM

Drawing for the drawing challenged! Even those who are adept with pencil on paper aren’t necessarily equally at ease with a mouse and digital design techniques. And there are those who are uncomfortable with any form of drawing. This is for both, and for anyone else interested in designing weaves with imagery intended to be woven on 16 shafts or more. Learn to use the widely available “shapes” of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements; explore methods of adapting resources we don’t realize can be used for imagery; then join together the created liftplans with threading drafts and see magic!