Welcome to Complex Weavers

Complex Weavers is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of handweaving, to encourage weavers to develop their own creative styles, to inspire through research, documentation, and the sharing of innovative ideas. We challenge our skills and imagination by sharing information and innovations with our fellow weavers – both directly and through our study groups, Seminars, Journal and biennial exhibition, Complexity.

Turned Taqueté scarf by Eva Stossel, winner of a CW Award in 2016
Autumn Leaves scarf by Kathy Buse, winner of a CW Award in 2016
Fabric inspired by Japanese interlacements, woven by Bonnie Inouye for the Japanese Textiles Study Group
The Math that Makes Us by Katlin Shae, winner of a CW Award in 2016
Ms and Os by Mary Underwood, woven for the Oscar Bériau Study Group
433C Local Journey (BlueGreen) by Janice Lessman-Moss, from Complexity 2016
The Seasons in Advancing Twills by Carol Wooten, from Complexity 2016
Night Reflection by Leslie Killeen, from Complexity 2016