Member Resources


The Journal

The Complex Weavers Journal, published three times a year, allows members to share their ideas and studies.

Study Groups

Study groups and Sample Exchanges are an ongoing and vital part of Complex Weavers. Self organized and financed, they produce samples, newsletters or other materials for exchange among members. New groups are formed as demand arises. See our Study Group List for a listing of all study groups, a description of each, and a link to a page with a fuller description.

The Library

The Library has an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, and samples which members may borrow by mail. The complete list of library contents is available at Library Thing.

The Galleries

Visit the Galleries to see  what your fellow CW members are weaving.

The Members Directory

Also, if you are a member and you are signed in, you can browse our Members Directory to find kindred spirits in your area.  Thinking of buying a new loom and looking for advice from someone who has relevant experience?  Or perhaps you are shopping for weaving software and want to know the pros and cons of different programs.  Or perhaps you are trying to locate a teacher for a guild workshop or other event.  The Members Directory is a valuable resource for a whole host of reasons.

Useful Documents

Looking for guidance on hosting a CW-endorsed event in your area? Want to print some flyers to take to a Guild meeting? Or add a link to CW from your blog or website? If you are a logged-in member you can find all this and more on our Documents page.