Patrice George

Patrice George is an Associate Professor in Textile Development and Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

She also founded Patrice George Designs in 1979, a textile studio in NYC specializing in design for dobby and jacquard woven textiles for the interior textile industry.

She has served as a consultant to handweaving projects sponsored by UNIDO, CARE, and other NGO’s in Jamaica, Laos, and Mexico.

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Marg Coe

Margaret’s early introduction to computers while she was teaching spinning, dyeing, and weaving, led her to focus on weave structure and digital design. She has completed college studies in graphic design with concentrations in web and digital design, and is one of few with college credit in weave design using Adobe® Photoshop®.

Margaret is the author of: 4-8 . . . Weave!; Fit 2 Be Tied – a digital approach; Designing 4 the Future;  and 2 Be Tied or Not 2 Be Tied – book 1 not tied.

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Tien Chiu

Tien Chiu is a master weaver and certified color nut. Her work has been exhibited in museums and featured on the cover of Handwoven. She is the author of Master Your Craft: Strategies for Designing, Making, and Selling Artisan Work. She is Vice President of the Board at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

Over the last several years, Tien has become obsessed with color, creating hundreds of handwoven swatches and dyeing over 2,500 yarn samples in a quest to understand color in weaving. She teaches online courses about color in weaving, and offers informative articles and helpful color tools, at Her artist’s website is at

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Su Butler

Su Butler earned her B.F.A. in Fibers/Watercolor painting from University of Northern Colorado. Interlacing yarn, color interaction and creating unique fabric intrigues her. Su teaches for guilds and conferences across the USA and Canada. Understanding Rayon Chenille was released in 2002 and numerous articles are published in CWJ, Handwoven and Weavers magazines. Su is the editor and publisher of the Damask Network Newsletter, She leads the CW Tied Weaves Study Group, is the IL, WI, IA CW Rep, has served on the CW Board and many guild boards around the country and is currently working hard on her next book, Understanding Tied Weaves.

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Philis Alvic

Philis Alvic is an artist, weaver, and writer.  She has exhibited her complex woven wall textiles in over 300 juried and invitational exhibitions.  She has written Weavers of the Southern Highlands (University Press of Kentucky, 2003), Crafts of Armenia (USAID/IESC Armenia, 2003) and over 100 magazine articles.  As a short-term consultant for crafts development and marketing, she has worked on projects in thirteen different countries.  She is a founding member of Complex Weavers, the Kentucky Craft History and Education Association and is on the Board of Weave A Real Peace.

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Sara Nordling

Sara Nordling has an MFA in studio art/fibers from Indiana University.  She is currently teaching drawing and painting at Purdue University Fort Wayne, in Indiana.  Her work has been exhibited in textile and art shows both nationally and internationally.  Sara has taught at various workshops, conferences and guilds across the country.  While enjoying the technical side of weaving, Sara is also exploring such issues as design and creativity, realizing that a balance of both is needed to make weavings with the most impact.

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