Sara von Tresckow

Sara learned to weave in the late 1970s while living in Germany for 20 years. Sara is largely self-taught through books, some lessons, observation of professional weavers, and extensive museum visits/connections. (Textilmuseum Neumunster/Klaus Tidow, Freilichtmuseum [Open Air Museum] Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel/Molfsee/Dr. Karl-Ingwer Johansson, and Museumsweberei Meldorf where the hand operated Jacquard looms still weave old fashioned Beiderwand pillow and throws.)  She has always been interested in textile history and archaeology.

Sara founded a group (Webgruppe84) to share weaving/weaving history with the public at Freilichtmuseum Kiel (“descendants” of that group still work there).

She weaves on countermarche looms, a 16-shaft computer assisted dobby and a 50 pattern shaft drawloom with 8 ground shafts, single unit drawloom, and Jacquard looms. Her woven work centers on household linens and rugs, decorative items from the drawloom, and clothing fabrics/scarves. Sara is a member of HGA, Wisconsin Handweavers, Complex Weavers, and the European Damask Network.

Her educational experience includes drawloom weaving with Joanne Hall and three courses in Jacquard design at Eastern Michigan University, Oaxacan rug weaving with Wence Martinez, Navajo weaving techniques with Sarah Natani, Marilou Schultz and Mary Walker, and Jacquard weaving at Oriole Mill with Bethanne Knudsen.

She has taught at conferences (Convergence, CW Seminars), guilds and gives studio instruction at the Woolgatherers. Sara’s woven work has been exhibited in a variety of venues including Convergence, guild shows, conferences and galleries.

She is currently owner of the full-service fiber shop, The Woolgatherers Ltd. in Fond du Lac, WI, selling looms – from inkle and rigid heddle to countermarche floor looms and drawloom equipment – as well as supplies for weaving, spinning and felting.

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