John Mullarkey

John Mullarkey is passionate about teaching tablet weaving and exploring new ways to make the art form more contemporary.  He is a nationally recognized teacher, valued for the patience, clarity and organization he brings to his classes.  After beginning to teach in 2009, John left a software development career to focus on weaving and teaching full time.

John has won many awards, is a frequent contributor to national fiber arts publications, and has authored books (“A Tablet Weaver’s Pattern Book,” “Tablet Weaving: Egyptian Diagonals,” et al.) and videos (“Tablet Weaving Made Easy,” “Double-Faced Tablet Weaving”) about the craft.  His work appears in international shows and has been displayed at museums.  The popular Schacht Zoom Loom is based on John’s design.

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Denise Bolger Kovnat

Denise Bolger Kovnat has taught at Convergence, MAFA and guilds across the United States and Canada. She focuses on Echo and Jin, collapse techniques, and Deflected Double Weave, and enjoys making garments using hand-dyed and handwoven fabrics. Her pieces have been juried into Convergence fashion shows since 2008 and have won awards from the Handweavers Guild of America and the Seattle Weavers Guild. She is most proud of serving on the founding team for the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in Rochester, NY, which opened in 2002. Denise blogs about weaving and fiber art at

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John Marshall

For nearly half a century, John Marshall has dedicated his life to researching traditional Japanese textiles, focusing on the construction and dye techniques employed, and sharing the wonders of what he has learned. His first love is figurative dyeing, specializing in bingata and natural dyes. His work has been exhibited the Textile Museum in DC and the Embassy of Japan, along with shows sponsored by the US State Department and Kodansha, to name a few.

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Carol James

Carol James has been exploring sprang for more than 20 years, examining items in collections across North American and Europe, and making replicas. She has worked for clients such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the German Archaeological Institute, and the Norwegian Army Museum. She has developed a pattern-writing system to accommodate the variety of designs encountered in her sprang explorations. An excellent instructor, she is the author of numerous articles two DVDs and three books: Fingerweaving Untangled and Sprang Unsprung and a new book of Sprang Lace Patterns.

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Bonnie Inouye

A weaver since 1967, Bonnie enjoys creating new drafts, finding new challenges and weaving on computer-assisted looms. Flowing lines, unusual textures, intriguing color blends and woven images characterize her award-winning textiles. She prefers non-repeating designs that read well from a distance while including details for the intimate viewer. She has written many articles for weaving magazines and a book, Exploring Multishaft Design, with a second edition underway. Bonnie has taught for shops, guilds and conferences in nine countries and she has eagerly participated in all the Complex Weavers Seminars starting in 1988.

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Peggy Hart

Peggy Hart is a production weaver and teacher who designs, produces, and markets hundreds of blankets each year including custom blankets for sheep and alpaca farmers using their own yarn. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design, worked as a weaver in one of the last mills in Rhode Island, and has woven for the last thirty years on Crompton and Knowles W-3 looms. She has a special affinity for wool, and her book Wool: Unraveling an American Story of Artists and Innovation was published November 2017.

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Brenda Gibson

I am a largely self-taught weaver and I have become deeply absorbed into weaving and teaching weaving since retiring from my professional financial career. I normally weave on a 32 shaft Louet Megado computer dobby loom driven by Fiberworks-PCW software and have recently become slightly obsessed with shaded satins. I am a keen member of two CW Study Groups: The Sixteens (which I currently lead) and Double Weave.

I regularly teach weaving classes to a wide range of levels. I have led three previous CW seminars; in addition, I have given workshops on double cloth, Fiberworks-PCW weaving software, a UK CW study day on double two tie as well as regular spinning workshops.

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Patrice George

Patrice George is an Associate Professor in Textile Development and Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

She also founded Patrice George Designs in 1979, a textile studio in NYC specializing in design for dobby and jacquard woven textiles for the interior textile industry.

She has served as a consultant to handweaving projects sponsored by UNIDO, CARE, and other NGO’s in Jamaica, Laos, and Mexico.

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