Gay McGeary

Gay has been researching and weaving coverlets for thirty years. She is fascinated with nineteenth century coverlet patterns and weave structures and uses her research as inspiration for her artistic interpretation of early coverlets. She has expanded her research of Pennsylvania German coverlets and manuscripts to include research of 19th century southern counterpane and coverlet drafts. She has further expanded her research to include the British influence on northern coverlets and household linens found in such works as Philo Blakeman’s 1818 treatise on the Art of Weaving (Bridgeport, Connecticut).

Gay is the chair of the Early American Coverlet & Counterpane Study Group. She has written articles for the Journal and other publications. She has given presentations for Complex Weavers Seminars, regional weaving groups and weavers guilds. She never tires of sharing her research with other weavers. These days she weaves small coverlets and wall hangings using various weave structures with interesting fringes and enters her work in local, state and regional exhibits.