Gay McGeary

Gay McGeary is a scholar-weaver based in Central Pennsylvania. She has been weaving, collecting, and researching early coverlet and counterpane patterns and weave structures for over thirty years. While her weaving is inspired by her research, her research is enhanced by her weaving explorations of the early craftsmen.

She shares her research as a regular contributor to various weaving periodicals, including the Complex Weavers Journal. She is the chair of the Complex Weavers Early American Coverlets and Counterpanes Study Group. One of her star work coverlets is featured in the Complex Weavers book entitled Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning. She enjoys giving workshops and lectures to interested groups. Recently she wove a series of three coverlet wall hangings inspired by a 19th century Pennsylvania German star work draft and matching coverlet. Each has appeared in a juried exhibit: (1) Complexity 2022, (2) Interpreting Change: Weaver’s Guild of Boston 1922-2022, and (3) Art of the State (Pennsylvania) 2022.

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