Our online exhibition is now closed

Thank you to everyone who visited our first online exhibit, to the contributing artists, to our jurors and all our volunteer team. You can still see the exhibited work and download the catalogue from our Gallery Archive.


Our jurors in 2020 were Louise French, Lillian Whipple, and Louise Lemieux Bérubé.

Louise French has had a lifelong interest in fibers and fabric which finds expression in weaving, sewing, clothing design, and ply-split braiding. A weaver for more than 40 years, she has earned the Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving from the Handweavers Guild of America. Louise has been an examiner for the COE as well. She has taught both weaving and ply-split braiding throughout the United States and is committed to sharing the arts of weaving and braiding. Mentoring both new students and guiding other teachers has been a passion. She has had articles on both weaving and ply-split braiding published in Handwoven magazine, and freely shares her teaching materials. Textiles of her designs and meticulous execution are award winning and in steady demand. She is continually intrigued by the interplay of color and structure and the many ways these components can push the boundaries of fiber art.

Lillian Whipple has been weaving since 1971. She is an HGA Master Weaver. Her special interest is fine silk at high setts in complex structures for use in clothing, small art pieces, and note cards. Her work has been exhibited in national exhibitions and fashion shows for many years. Lillian continues to chair the Fine Threads Study Group for Complex Weavers.

Louise Lemieux Bérubé received a bachelor degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and she studied Jacquard weaving at Rhode Island School of Design. Her woven Jacquards have received numerous honors and have been exhibited and sold in Canada and in many countries. Her work has been represented in major public collections. Louise cofounded the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles, where she has taught students from everywhere and, as a lecturer or exhibitor of her work, she has travelled around the world. She is the author of Le tissage créateur, a comprehensive textbook on weaving, and the co-author, with Carole Greene, of Louise Lemieux Bérubé, Un-winding the Threads published in 2012.

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