Sandra Rude Memorial Fund Grant Program

Work by Sandra Rude: Sea in my Dream (2018)
Feather scarf (2010)
Fire series scarf (2007)
Sandra at the Smithsonian Craft Show in 2006

Annually, Complex Weavers offers a merit based grant to a CW member (or members). This grant is offered for technical and aesthetic development related to learning and teaching advanced* weaving techniques. This grant is funded by the Michael and Sandra Rude Endowment Fund.

*Advanced weaving, for purposes of this grant is weaving that goes above and beyond. It includes, but is not limited to in-depth learning or explorations that stretch the limits of a weaver’s current knowledge of techniques or structures, an experimental use of materials to create cloth beyond the scope of a weaver’s current abilities, or the teaching of concepts or skills that enable weavers to achieve such goals.

“The Sandra Ogg Rude Memorial Fund was established as a legacy in memory of Sandra’s commitment, dedication, and joy in the exploration and practice of advanced weaving techniques. Sandra loved to weave and to design complex weavings. She was a very technical weaver, and it was very important to her to further the understanding and use of complex weaving designs. She asked that this fund be established to help encourage the development, study, and sharing of these techniques.”
—Mike Rude

If you would like to help sustain the fund through donations, you will find more information here.


Any current member of Complex Weavers is eligible to apply for this grant. In addition, we invite and encourage newer weavers who are not CW members to join and apply for this grant.

Grants will support both learning and teaching projects, with learning project grants awarded in even-numbered calendar years, and teaching project grants in odd-numbered years. Grants for teaching projects and grants for learning projects will have separate criteria in each application. Any Complex Weavers member is eligible to apply for either grant.

Resubmission of a proposal not previously selected is acceptable, as long as the proposal meets the current criteria at the time of the new submission.

Limits and Details of SRMF Grants

  • Grant(s) from the Sandra Rude Memorial Fund for Learning or Teaching (SRMF) may be awarded annually up to the total amount of $1,000.00 US Funds. This may be awarded to a single recipient, or several members, in varying amounts, not to exceed $1,000.00.
  • Recipients of a SRMF grant may not be awarded a second grant immediately following their first. Grant recipients may not apply again until three years after the original submission.
  • In a year when there are no applications or awards for this SRMF Grant, the Grant money will remain in the SRMF Fund account.
  • No money from this SRMF shall be used for any other purposes, other than awarding grants to CW members in memory of Sandra Rude.
  • The grant applications will be reviewed by a three (3) person team, not affiliated with the Complex Weavers Board of Directors.
  • The applicant must submit a proposal using CW’s online application form detailing the specific undertaking within the specified grant format. The proposed project must contribute to the member’s own personal growth and/or member’s own development as a teacher, the personal growth of the students enrolled if teaching, and to the enrichment of CW.
  • The grant reviewers will award the grant funds depending on the merit of the applications.
  • Any topic may be considered. Financial need is not a consideration.
  • Images of previous work may be requested with the submission to indicate style, direction and promise of the applicant.
  • It is expected that the applicant’s class, workshop or other learning opportunity will take place during the year following receipt of the grant. Within 18 months of receiving the grant, the recipient must share the results with Complex Weavers so all members can enhance their understanding of the concepts.
  • Expected in the sharing is a detailed statement of what was learned or taught and how the project increased understanding of advanced weaving techniques.
  • For learning projects, this will be an article in CW Journal.
  • For teaching projects, this may be a Journal article, a slide talk, Zoom display of student work completed during the learning opportunity, or other approved arrangement.
  • Requests for funds may include travel costs; materials; rental, licensing or subscription fees for online or in-person presentation or video production; space rental; marketing or production costs; etc. Purchases of non-consumable supplies or equipment will not be considered.