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March 1, 2002
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unlimited, currently 10

Shown:  A fancy twill.  See the February 2009 CWJ for details.

Begun in 2002 by Judy Eatough, the first group worked together week by week as Judy added content: information, assignments and drafts. Jayne became Leader in 2019 and will edit content minimally. The group files, but none of the messages/conversations, have been migrated from yahoo to The group is now open to membership at any time, and operates as a self-study group with members working independently.

 Everyone should start with the Introduction and Lesson One, then each member is free to jump around the list and work at their own pace. Pace yourself, but try to work regularly so that your knowledge will build and not be lost during long breaks between sessions. In general the questions posed in the assignments are meant to be open-ended and have more than one correct answer. We do not mind answering the same questions as before. Sometimes with experience or technology changes, the answer has even changed.

Our goal is to better understand weave structure. This is an open group and everyone can see and discuss all of the drafts and all of the comments. Drafts do not need to be original; we are exploring techniques and drafting in this study group. As a bonus, we will also learn to use weaving software. This group is designed for the intermediate weaver as a mentored discussion of weave structure.

 Email, internet access, and weaving software that can write wif files required.  Drafts will be shared on the web page. Send email to chairman above to join.  Topics include:

  • 00-Welcome / Introduction
  • 01-Plain weave
  • 02 Basket and Rib weaves
  • 03-twills-3 and 4shaft
  • 04-6 and 8-shaft twills
  • 05-Repweave
  • 06-As-Ifs
  • 07-Lace weaves
  • 08-Tied Weaves-assign
  • 09-Satins
  • 10-Twill variations
  • 11-Creating Fancy Twills
  • 12-Motifs
  • 13-Telescope analysis
  • 14-Thoughts on Designing Double Weave