Jayne Flanagan
To be Announced
Yahoo groups files and photos, CD
Sample Exchange:
WIF files and email.
To Join:
Email the chair at the address above.
Group Began:
March 1, 2002
Closing Date:
Members may join at any time.

Shown:  A fancy twill.  See the February 2009 CWJ for details.

Weave structure lesson topics are posted, and members can work at their own pace.  Email, internet access, and weaving software that can write wif files required.  Drafts will be shared on the Yahoo web page; dues cover the cost of a CD every two years.  Send email to chairman above to join.  Topics include:

  • 01-Intro-Plain weave
  • 02 Basket and Rib weaves
  • 03-twills-3 and 4shaft
  • 04-6 and 8-shaft twills
  • 05-Repweave
  • 06-As-Ifs
  • 07-Lace weaves
  • 08-Tied Weaves-assign
  • 09-Satins
  • 10-Twill variations
  • 11-Creating Fancy Twills
  • 12-Motifs
  • 13-Telescope analysis
  • 14-Thoughts on Designing Double Weave