Tied Weaves

North American continent - $12.00 USD, All Others - $18.00 USD. Payable in September of each year.
Two email newsletters. Online private discussion, draft and photo sharing and question/answer opportunities.
Sample Exchange:
One mandatory sample exchange/year with electronic write up
To Join:
Contact the chair before September.
Group Began:
Closing Date:
Registration accepted during the month of September only.
30 Max.

For weavers of Intermediate to Master skill levels to explore Tied-Weave and Tied-Unit weave structures.   The broad study group goal is to better understand, create and define Tied-Weave structures, as well as create variants and methods to “break the rules”.   Each member will explore any Tied-Weave structure of interest.

Mandatory sample and information exchange due May 1 of each study group year.

On-line discussions and a private website for sharing photos, drafts and other visual information are in place. Members can share their questions, ideas, drafts and photos, enhancing our on-line study. All newsletters and correspondence, and the accompanying write-ups for the yearly sample exchange, will be done via email.

Write for a more detailed welcoming letter.  Su Butler, cwtw@subudesigns.com