Preserving Our Past; Index and Scrapbook of 20th Century Handweavers

Marjie Thompson
Dues are $5 (January 2018-December 2019) to indicate interest in helping and to help pay for computer storage capacity (portable hard drive).
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As we chase the newest technology and weaving trends, we lose track of those who taught us and those who taught them, wrote the books on our shelves, and designed the looms that preceded the ones we use.

This is a study group designed to gather the names and as much of a biography as possible of our notable weaving predecessors, worldwide.

The starting point for name collection is the 1876 Centennial Exposition in the United States and the “Colonial Revival” movement begun then, modeled after the European Arts and Crafts movement (William Morris).

The initial focus of the group is name and information collection and its storage. Information about weavers is welcome from all.