Dimensional Texture

Wendy Morris, membership & admin wendy@wendymorris.co.uk, Stacey Harvey-Brown, specialist knowledge base stacey@theloomroom.co.uk
Typically around USD $15

Publication:          Members are expected to participate in year-round email conversations, sharing observations, experience, queries, solutions, drafts and photos via a groups.io group

Sample exchange: One physical sample exchange in the summer each year. In Seminars years the exchange will be scheduled to take place at Seminars to minimize postal costs. In the intervening years the exchange will take place conventionally with samples mailed to the admin chair and redistributed as complete sets by the most cost-effective means.

To join:                Contact the admin chair listed above

Study group year:  September to July

Membership:         Capped at 18

There are few things in weaving as fascinating as watching a flat web of interlaced threads transform into a three-dimensional woven structure. There are many ways to achieve this using carefully selected threads, fibers, and/or structures. Many weavers have experimented with 3/1 1/3 twill to create furrows or overtwisted yarns to weave collapse fabrics; this study group is for weavers who want to take their explorations of dimensional texture a bit deeper.

Each year the group will focus on one way of creating dimensional texture, researching, exploring and sharing our experiences throughout the year, culminating in the samples for the annual sample exchange. Topics examined so far include stitched double cloth, waffles, using floats to create dimensional texture, and woven shibori for texture. Future topics could include layer-exchange double cloth, four-color double weave, structural pleats, single warp with supplementary weft, deflected double weave, honeycomb, and plenty of other options.

The membership year runs from September to July. Membership is capped at 18, so each member will have to weave no more than 20 samples (including those required for the CW and study group libraries).

If you would like to join the group, please email Wendy Morris at wendy@wendymorris.co.uk