Beyond Plain Weave Garments

$7.00 for North American members and $9 US-equivalent for members in other countries, to be sent in with each set of samples submitted. Send checks in $US or contact the chairman about using PayPal.
Two sample exchanges per year
Sample Exchange:
Two sample exchanges per year
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Contact the chair at the address above.
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New members may join any time

The Beyond Plain Weave Garment Study Group has been going since Fall 1989. We have been sharing fabric swatches, which are in some sense “beyond plain weave,” and are intended for garments. While experimental samples may be of value, most swatches are for actual garment fabric and we prefer pictures of the garment with the swatches. We are also interested in design information, technical problems and successes, the type of garment planned – in short, copious notes.

A “Mystery Critic” is chosen each time who, in return for a set of samples, critiques the samples in the set.

The group is unlimited but we hope to not have more than twenty members  for each sample, to keep the work of preparing samples within reason. Members opt in or out for each sample.  This plan has worked very well for the members of the group, and some splendid and inspiring samples have been produced. Members have acquired collections of lovely and valuable samples which spark their creativity in further projects and which they share with their weaving friends.

The garments of several members have been featured in Weaver’s and Handwoven. It is a pleasure to actually own a sample of the fabric illustrated in one of these magazines! Like other study groups, we have provided the archives with copies of our samples so that all Complex Weavers can enjoy them.

The study group communicates through its Yahoo Group, where pictures, messages and files are posted and archived. A group email list makes communications easy.

Dues:$7.00 US/CA/MX or $9 US-equivalent (international) to be sent in with each set of samples submitted. This will pay for postage and necessary phone calls. (Send checks in $US or contact the chairman about using PayPal.)

Swatches: ~3″ x 3″ due twice a year. Expectations are to prepare up to 22 copies of your samples, depending on signup for the samples. The participant sends enough copies so that copies also can be sent to the Archive and to the Mystery Critic. Send samples on a data sheet detailing threading source, sett, epi, yarn info, threading/tieup/treadling, length & width, etc, and notes on sewing processes and challenges. Participants are encouraged to include notes on designing, technical problems, style of garment, size, pattern number, pattern sketch or photocopy, construction or finishing hints, and a photo of the finished garment. Participants agree to honor the distinctive quality of each garment and not to copy it without special permission.

Due Dates: Spring and/or Fall.