Sara Nordling

Sara Nordling has an MFA in studio art/fibers from Indiana University. She is currently working on commissions and teaching art and weaving workshops. Her work has been exhibited in textile and art shows both nationally and internationally. Sara has taught various workshops at conferences and guilds across the country. While enjoying the technical side of weaving, Sara is also exploring such issues as design and creativity, realizing that a balance of both is needed to make weavings with the most impact.

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Exploring Gradients

405 Monday PM

Gradients are an interesting approach to color and weave. This session will explore a variety of gradients in the warp/weft. Discussion will include various ways to make a gradient and how they can affect the look of your cloth. The class will begin with the basics on various forms of gradients and move to such complexities as networked double weave with a different gradient in each layer. Even simple weave structures when combined with a gradient can become new and exciting.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  Bring a sample of a gradient you have used, if you have one.

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Theo Moorman Explored

502 Tuesday AM

Many weavers have used Theo Moormans technique for creating inlay designs. Theo used a thin, supplemental, tie-down warp to create her inlay technique. This class will explore Theo Moorman, giving a bit of history of the technique, and move on to the possibilities of using different weave structures and other ideas spring-boarding off the basic structure. We will begin with and overview of Theo Moorman and proceed on to some successes and failures in trying to push the boundaries of this technique.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  Bring a sample of Theo Moorman technique, if youve done any.

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