Phyllis Miller

Phyllis Miller has been weaving since 1970. She is largely self-taught but has been a weavers guild member ever since 1977 in different locations, so she’s attended many workshops, conferences and Convergences. Presently, she has her original 4-shaft Leclerc, an 8-shaft Baby Wolf and a 12-shaft Leclerc Dorothy loom.

She has been published in Handwovens Design Collection 15, Handwoven JF1992, and Handwoven ND2021, where her woven sashiko-style project and inspiration articles feature two patterns from her sashiko samples collection.

She has had extensive experience teaching adults both in person and online.

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Woven Sashiko

202 Sunday PM

This seminar presents a systematic look at three styles of woven sashiko. In addition to explaining the basic concept of woven sashiko, the seminar will do the following:

  1. Define and illustrate three styles of woven sashiko.
  2. Explain and illustrate a useful classification system for understanding threading plans.
  3. Explain ways to weave multiple sashiko designs by minor adjustments at the loom.
  4. Describe and illustrate sett, float and yarn considerations.
  5. Illustrate some multi-color patterns.
  6. Participants will receive .pdf and .wif files via email.

Attendees should be able to read and revise weaving drafts.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  None

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