Marian Stubenitsky

Marian started designing on the Commodore Amiga in 1988 when she needed many different color gradations to shape her ideas for optical illusions. Her eldest son then wrote a weaving program for her. Since then, she can’t imagine how weavers can do without it for their designs. The Dutch weaving program WinWeef now offers her all the possibilities to quickly and accurately work out elaborate designs based on a pattern line.

Marian is the author of Weaving with Echo and Iris, Stubenitsky Code and Double with a Twist.

Marian will be presenting A Parallel Universe – Echo & Corris jointly with Marg Coe.

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A Parallel Universe — Echo & Corris

102 WAITLIST Monday AM

It takes a village, or at least a bunch of weavers brainstorming, to make one halt, take a right turn, and look at drafts and structures in a whole new light. Marg is joined by Marian to present their explorations.

Just when you think you have a good handle on formulating structures, something comes up to show you how wrong you can be!

In separate, but ultimately related incidents, Marian Stubenitsky, Marg Coe, and Amy Norris, discovered that it isn’t always the threading, the tie up and treadling, or liftplan, that determine structure, but the placement of a design line can change it all.

The concept is fresh, explaining what is happening isn’t easy either, but watch as we change structures with very simple commands.

From double weave, to jin, with twills and basket weave; from jin variations to summer & winter to taqueté. It’s magic!

And we continue to explore . . .

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