Marian Stubenitsky

Marian Stubenitsky has always been curious about the possibilities in the inexhaustible field of weaving. She has enjoyed sharing her enormous knowledge, over the decades, in courses, lectures, and articles. Writing and publishing books on various themes are an added stimulus for her to continue researching. Her interests in art, nature, and science are the inspiration; structures, materials, especially colors, are the tools with which she arrives at her designs and weavings. Exchanges with other weavers, through meetings and social media, are an incentive to keep going.

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Double With a Twist

501 Tuesday AM

In the book of the same name, different ways to design deflected double weave are explained. This seminar will discuss this in an insightful way. The possible sources of inspiration and the different ways to develop these into a design are extensively explained. Unexpected and interesting designs are discovered through changes in the tie up. Special attention is paid to the use of colors and different properties of yarns, including for differential shrinking.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  None

This seminar will be presented by Gay remotely via Zoom for in-person attendees.

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