Laura Thode

Laura discovered weaving during a fourth grade field trip to an 18th century house with an antique barn frame loom. Her first weaving lesson, fittingly, occurred at another such loom. An experimental archaeology lecture during her semester in Germany introduced her to tablet weaving; the discovery that weaving could be accomplished with minimal equipment sent her on a path of exploration that eventually led to obtaining a degree in Fibers at Oregon College of Art & Craft and acquiring a great many books. She loves to share low-tech fiber techniques at demos and workshops.

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A Perusal of Passementerie

406 Monday PM

Over the centuries, a multitude of different textile techniques have been used to create trimmings for garments and décor. The makers and materials varied as well: there have been artisans in dedicated professional workshops as well as domestic pieceworkers, and they have used silk and gold, wool, or linen, depending on their patrons budget. In this seminar we will survey an array of passementerie from extant historical examples in museums to present-day artists reinterpreting traditional techniques, and look into some of the many fascinating structures that are combined to create these confections of luxurious textile adornment.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  None

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