Jannie Taylor

My fascination with textiles and handweaving began in the heady 1970s and has only increased in the intervening years.  I am intrigued by the interplay of color, structure and fiber available only to the handweaver.  Sitting at my loom, throwing the shuttle and watching the threads being interlaced into a textile that began as an idea in my head is still, after all these years, a joyful and amazing experience.

Since I love teaching and am fascinated by weaving, it was just natural that at some point I should begin offering classes and workshops in an effort to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with other weavers. I now teach advanced weaving classes at the AVL Weaving School and structure-based workshops for guilds and conferences.

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Learn to Love Your Liftplan

502 Wednesday AM

Weavers who don’t actually have treadles on their loom to tie-up, often do their designing in tie-up and treadling mode. They may be somewhat daunted by the idea of having to fill that long column of empty squares, or maybe they don’t understand the flexibility of designing in liftplan mode for certain weaves. The goal of this seminar is to help weavers understand how and when it’s best to design in the liftplan, what the differences are and some easy software techniques for designing liftplans in several basic weave structures. I will be using WeavePoint 8 software to demonstrate these concepts.

Optional fee: $15.00 for a USB stick with examples of the weaves covered in the seminar

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