Giovanna Imperia

Giovanna Imperia has always been intrigued by the visual and tactile experiences provided by fiber and metal — including exploring the possibilities created by the interaction of structure, techniques and materials manipulation as a way of creating texture and three-dimensionality. This has led Giovanna to explore materials such as active yarns, unusual fibers and wire as means to creating objects that can be transformed by the user into unique personal statements. Giovannas work has been exhibited in the US and internationally. It can be found in private and museum collections, and has been published in jewelry and kumihimo books.

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Exploring the Design Possibilities of Wire

203 Sunday PM

After a brief introduction on the historical uses of metal in weaving, we will explore the many properties of wire with an in-depth discussion of the characteristics of the various metals currently available in the market (e.g., copper, steel, brass, gold, titanium, etc.). This discussion will include an analysis of the challenges presented by those metals based on their nature and the gauges available. In the process, we will review how to handle wire throughout the weaving process, how to finish woven wire, and how to manipulate finished fabricin order to create ever-changing three-dimensional forms.

Materials fee:  None

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Fabric that Moves: Creating Exciting Textiles with Elastic Yarns

301 Monday AM

This seminar will discuss the differences between crepe yarns and elastic yarns in terms of handling and results. As these materials behave differently, the discussion will also include why you would want to consider both of them when creating fabrics that move. This introductory discussion will be followed by an in-depth analysis of the various types of elastic yarns currently available in the US market — including how they are constructed, fibers typically used in conjunction with the elastic material, and how these yarns differ from each other in terms of results when used in the warp or the weft. The seminar will conclude with a brief discussion on appropriate finishing techniques.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  None

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