Denise Kovnat

A weaver since 1998, Denise Kovnat has studied, practiced, and taught weaving both on-site and online on three continents. In addition to textured weaves, her favorite techniques are parallel threadings and painted warps, using her 16-shaft Toika Eeva and 32-shaft Louet Megado. She is most proud of serving on the founding team of the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in Rochester, NY.

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Weaving Outside the Box: Creating Dimensional Cloth

106 Sunday AM

Color and structure are key elements in weaving, certainly. But we often overlook the importance of texture. Dimensional fabrics, with their pleats, puffs, and curves, take us off the grid, reflecting the organic forms of nature. We can both see and feel the tactile quality of dimensional cloth, which adds much to the beauty of handwoven fabric.

Based on a book I wrote in 2022, Weaving Outside the Box, this seminar will take a look at each of the 12 projects in the book, using from four to 16 shafts. All make use of structure, finishing techniques, and/or energized yarns to produce furrows and buckles in the cloth.

Participants will see and hear about the projects, research samples (successful and not-so-successful), and study involved in developing my designs. Further, we will look at the work of those who are using these techniques today and have used them in prior generations.

Materials fee:  None

Supplies:  None

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