Carol James

Carol James has been exploring sprang for more than 25 years, examining items in collections across North America and Europe, and making replicas. She has worked for clients such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the German Archaeological Institute, and the Norwegian Army Museum. She has taught extensively across North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Students describe her as a patient and enthusiastic teacher. She has developed a pattern-writing system to accommodate the variety of designs encountered in her sprang explorations. She is the author of numerous articles, two DVDs, and six books: Fingerweaving Untangled, Sprang Unsprung and four new books of Sprang Lace Patterns.

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Interlinking Interlacing Intertwining (Sprang Structures and their Infinite Potential)

506 Tuesday AM

According to Peter Collingwood there are three structures that lend themselves to the sprang technique. These are interlinking, interlacing, and intertwining. What exactly does he mean by these structures? How do they adapt to sprang? How do they compare and contrast in their behavior as cloth? How would a person create these structures, and what kind of surface designs are possible using these structures? To answer these questions Carol James, sprang expert, offers examples of sprang from history. She will share her journey of exploration and discovery. You have to touch her cloth samples to understand some of her insights. Short videos will illuminate the manner in which you might create these structures. Be astonished at the implications for use of color with this amazing technique, which has been adapted to all manner of garments, from socks, mittens, and shawls, to shirts and leggings.

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