Brenda Gibson

I am a largely self-taught weaver and I have become deeply absorbed into weaving and teaching weaving since retiring from my professional financial career. I normally weave on a 32 shaft Louet Megado computer dobby loom driven by Fiberworks-PCW software and have recently become slightly obsessed with shaded satins. I am a keen member of two CW Study Groups: The Sixteens (which I currently lead) and Double Weave.

I regularly teach weaving classes to a wide range of levels. I have led three previous CW seminars; in addition, I have given workshops on double cloth, Fiberworks-PCW weaving software, a UK CW study day on double two tie as well as regular spinning workshops.

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Satin into Light

302 Tuesday AM

This session will start with a recap of the basic principles of satin and in particular shaded satins covered in the 2018 seminar ‘Satin out of the shadows’. The design potential for shaded satins will be explored much further, giving detailed step-by-step guidance on creating a variety of complex lift plans, based on flowing design lines rather than blocks, using a combination of Fiberworks and Photoshop.

This will be a PowerPoint presentation, but with live demonstrations using Fiberworks and Photoshop software for drafts. I will also be showing physical samples I have woven using a variety of satin techniques.

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