Beth Ross Johnson

Beth Ross Johnson is weaver, teacher and workshop leader living in Black Mountain, NC. She learned initially from Norman Kennedy’s students, later studying with him for many workshops. She has an MFA from Georgia State University and has had two extensive stays in Japan to study kasuri (ikat weaving and dyeing) and sakiori (rag weaving) with master weavers there. Recent studies have been in the ikat traditions of Europe and woven structures like sashiko-ori and kasuri-ori.

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Shifting Ikat in the Warp and Weft

201 Sunday PM

Ikat is commonly classified into one of four types, warp, weft, double, and compound. But another way of classifying ikat is whether the designs are tied as they will be woven or if they will be shifted as they are beamed on the loom or as they are woven. These methods require a different headspace” but when combined with solid and stripes can produce unlimited designs. This lecture will discuss several different methods used in Japan for producing shifted warp and weft ikat and take a look at some of the methods used in Mallorca to produce their characteristic flamme designs. Sources for directions for producing these designs will be provided.

Materials fee:  None; optional printed handout, $2

Supplies:  None

Cut line:  Shifted warp ikat from Mallorca and shifted warp and weft kasuri from Japan.

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