Seminars 2022 – Day 4

Complex Weavers Seminars 2022 is a wrap. So much ground was broken here, new friendships made, and plans hatched for new exploration. Just as we plan the next warp as we finish the weaving currently on the loom, so too, we turn our eyes to Complexity and Seminars for 2024. The experience for attendees and those who volunteer to organize and produce the event is rich and rewarding. Please consider taking part and look for those calls to engage in the coming months.

Sometimes the challenge of new things can be a little rough. To all of you who had hoped to attend the CW Seminars Closing Ceremony online, but were unable to attend or have access as expected, we apologize. In this presentation, we were trying several new-to-us things simultaneously, every one of which was technically complicated. As you may know, the result was not as successful as we’d hoped. We are sorry for any disappointment this may have caused, but hope you will forgive and join us in our future endeavors.