40th Anniversary Book

Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning

Edited by Laurie Autio and Linda Davis


  • Take 8-shaft weaving “beyond the beginning” through individual approaches to design
  • Focus on elements and techniques of design
  • Showcase the unique talents of Complex Weavers members
  • Celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2018
  • Honor the memory of Wanda Shelp
  • Reach a wide range of readers, from educational for the average 8-shaft weaver to inspirational for the very advanced weaver


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Part I: Designing with 8 Shafts

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Part II: Design Techniques Extending 8-Shaft Weaving

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We invite all current members to drop what you’re doing and step up to the challenge! There are no requirements for experience level, fame, or even notoriety, no secret handshake, just a desire to join the fun – and follow directions. Think about what you love about weaving and how that is expressed in your work. Celebrate our birthday by sharing some of your copious free time, setting yourself a design goal, and embracing your inner artist.


Submit required information online about a finished piece or yardage by June 1, 2017. Note that the actual woven piece is not submitted.

Sign-up Form

Start your contribution by completing the sign-up form. You may submit up to three pieces. Each will require a separate sign-up form. The purpose of the sign-up form is to help you understand what will be involved in submitting pieces and to help us start planning the book before final information comes in. Some of the questions may be a bit more specific than you can answer before sampling; just do the best that you can. Please do not change your design category (Part I or II and Chapter) without letting us know before submission.

Photography Requirements

High quality photographs will be required rather than quick snapshots. Click here for more information.

Final Submission

The final submission deadline has now passed. If you have started, but not yet completed, a submission then please use the link which was emailed to you or contact an editor for assistance.

Contact an Editor, Ask a Question!

…and if you need to drop out for any reason, let us know as soon as you decide.

Photograph of Wanda Shelp, to whom the project is dedicated

Dedication: To Wanda Shelp who edited the Journal and many CW books, served as president, study group leader, and exhibit leader, and wrote articles in addition to co-authoring the book, Eight Shafts: A Place to Begin, the inspiration for this project.