40th Anniversary Book

Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning

Personal Approaches to Design

Edited by Laurie Autio

More than 70 pieces will be featured in our anniversary book, ranging from simple and elegant to intriguing multi-faceted complexity. Ply-splitting, card weaving, painstaking hand-manipulated techniques, commercial and hand-dyed yarns, with shaft, drawloom, and Jacquard weaving in many different structures, provide a mind-stretching bonanza. While weaving information and drafts are provided for all pieces in the book, the emphasis is on the design process. Weavers bring from two to more than 50 years of experience, yet each contributes an individual voice and unique style. They write of their inspirations, how they chose to implement their design, the parts they like, and where they might take it in the future.

Readers of any level will find something that appeals to them and will collect a bouquet of ideas and techniques to extend their weaving in new directions. To give you a taste of what is to come, the slides below provide a sampling of some of the pieces.

Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning is only published in paper. No downloadable versions of the book have been created, sponsored or authorized by Complex Weavers. Any offer of a digital version of the book should be disregarded and viewed with great suspicion.

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