Bateman Weaves

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For 2016: Monograph 37: Park Weaves Communication: Yahoo Group
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Sample exchange due October 31, 2016
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Group Began:
February 1, 2011
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A sample Bateman weave: Park weave with tag treadling, by Linda Davis


Dr. William G. Bateman left a legacy of manuscripts he wrote while exploring new weave structures/systems in his retirement years. After his death, his daughter recognized the importance of his work. Virginia Harvey took on the task of publishing his work which resulted in six monographs published in the 1980 s by the Shuttle Craft Guild. This work remains largely unknown or unexplored in the weaving world, and CW has heretofore not had a study group devoted to the Bateman Weaves. Linda Davis and Wanda Shelp formed the Bateman Weaves Study Group in 2010 as co-leaders. The group began in 2011 with Monograph Thirty Seven, Park Weaves, and has subsequently studied all additional five monographs. We have determined sufficient interest to continue with the group at least through 2016 where we will begin again with Park Weaves.