Dianne Totten


Dianne, a weaver for thirty years and teacher for fifteen, uses a variation of woven shibori to produce what she calls “crimp cloth” to create one-of-a-kind garments with the heat-set fabric. Her expertise in sewing complements her passion for weaving.  Dianne’s award-winning work has appeared nationally and internationally. She teaches at John C. Campbell Folk School in NC as well as nationally for guilds, at Convergence 2012 and has been published in SS&D, Handwoven, Weavers and VävmagasinetVäv recently chose her crimp jacket as “Best in Show” in its category at the Swedish National Convention Fashion Show.




Crimped Cloth, Warped Thoughts

Diane Totten - Warp Crimp419 Sunday PM

Discover crimp cloth to add to your weaving repertoire.  Using a non-dye variation of woven shibori, learn to create permanently crimped fabric that flatters any figure.  Although crimp cloth can be woven with either the warp or the weft shibori technique, the thought processes and how the finished cloth is used are different for each. This seminar is dedicated to warp shibori.  Through lecture and visual presentation, learn how to draft, weave, and process the cloth.  See how the fabric can be used for entire garments as well as for permanent pleating to replace knitted ribbing for a sweater or to add a knit look to the collar area of a jacket.  Sewing tips for this amazing cloth is included.

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Crimp Cloth, the Weft of the Story

629 Monday PM

Diane Totten - Weft CrimpThe differences between the warp and weft shibori crimp cloth techniques become evident in this seminar concentrating on a non-dye variation of weft shibori.  Although processing the fabric is the same, the differences begin with the designing.  Through lecture and visual presentation, learn how to draft, weave, and process the cloth.  See how easy it is to sew a garment from weft crimp cloth or weave a shawl that won’t slide off your shoulders.   Be inspired by the endless possibilities for creating figure-flattering permanently crimped fabric.