Joe Coca

Spinning Yarns

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Robin Spady

Say, What?

Anatomy and Physiology of the “Complex Weave” (and why communicating can be so dang challenging)

Friday PM – Special Session


In 1966, Irene Emery authored The Primary Structures of Fabric.  For many weavers, this became a fundamental resource on how weave structures could be organized and classified.  This often helps us understand the fundamentals of many weaves.  But, it doesn’t hold up when put it to the test on many weaves.  Since then there have been other publications to help people interested in textiles to help better understand weaves and fabric. Yet we remain challenged in effectively communicating within and outside of the weaving community.  This seminar promises to end Complex Weavers Seminars 2018 with a rousing presentation and discussion on the language of weaving, why it challenges us, and what we, as complex weavers, can do to move forward with reconciling terms, clarifying how we communicate, and improving our documentation. The emphasis will be on the “complex weave”.