Seminars 2020

Cancellation of Complex Weavers Seminars

2020 has been a roller coaster year so far. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Planning Seminars 2020 has been quite the challenge. Seminars is an exciting part of Complex Weavers, and that excitement helped keep our planning focused and on track despite significant obstacles. However, making sure we can all stay healthy is our highest concern, and we have concluded that we must do the responsible thing.

It is with mixed emotions we are cancelling Seminars 2020. We will miss seeing everyone and exchanging ideas.

The volunteer efforts that went into planning Seminars 2020 are appreciated more than we can say. As with everything in our organization, the tasks required to create our conference were generously handled by volunteers. In addition, as we navigated the many challenges that came our way, everyone involved responded with patience and understanding, for which we are grateful. Thank you.


All attendees will receive a full refund of the money paid for registration, less a $25 administrative charge. This administrative fee does not completely cover the out-of-pocket costs we’ve already incurred in planning Seminars, but it will go a long way to put us on better financial footing as we start preparing Seminars 2022.

If you used a credit card to pay when you registered for the conference, the money will be refunded to your card. If you paid by check, CW will send you a refund check.


A number of attendees have emailed us wanting to make a tax deductible contribution to Complex Weavers. If you would like to do so now and would like the contribution deducted from your refund, please reply to this email and let us know the amount. If you used a credit card, your donation (and the $25 administrative fee mentioned above) will be be deducted from your registration fee and the balance refunded to your card. If you paid by check, CW will send you a refund check. CW will also send a letter confirming your tax deductible contribution. Please let us know by May 8, 2020 if you would like to make a contribution.

Hotel Reservations

Please cancel your Hilton Knoxville hotel reservation. The simplest method is by using the original confirmation email sent to you by the Hilton:

– Go to the confirming email from the Hilton.

– Click on the reservation link and then the “Cancel My Reservation” button.

– You will then receive an email from the Hilton confirming your cancellation.

Stay safe and healthy. As we weave away our stash, we look forward to Seminars 2022.

Cathie and Diane
Seminars 2020 Co-chairs