John Marshall

For nearly half a century, John Marshall has dedicated his life to researching traditional Japanese textiles, focusing on the construction and dye techniques employed, and sharing the wonders of what he has learned. His first love is figurative dyeing, specializing in bingata and natural dyes. His work has been exhibited the Textile Museum in DC and the Embassy of Japan, along with shows sponsored by the US State Department and Kodansha, to name a few.

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Pageantry of Japanese Clothing Design

504 Wednesday AM

An excellent source of inspiration for all fiber people.

John will trace the history and development of traditional Japanese clothing since the earliest times–how foreign styles and weaves have influenced the Japanese aesthetic, and how the kimono has influenced Western design. To cap it all off, you will be offered pointers on how to incorporate Japanese structure into your contemporary wardrobe. The talk will be supplemented with a fast-paced photo presentation along with historic costumes from John’s private collection.

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Pageantry of Japanese Textiles

401 Tuesday PM

Are you interested in Japanese weaves and surface design? In glorious structure and inspiring colors? Look no further–this seminar is a fast-paced, rollercoaster ride of information, augmented with detailed photos and precious treasures from John’s personal collection. From hand-woven, 24k gold velvet, to compound summer weaves. Compound? Yes – silk, fan-reed warp ondulé leno obi coupled with beater-shaped weft-wave ondulé, just in case it was getting a bit lack-luster, spiced up a bit with supplemental tapestry-weave inserts and pick-bruised patterning! ‘Nough said? See you there.

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