October 2020

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Designing Block Double Weave  Jennifer Moore

Extended Block Design with Tessellations  Linda Schultz

Double Weave Study Group
Alice van Duijnen, Coordinator

  • Extended Deflected Double Weave  Marian Stubenitsky
  • Deflected Double Weave  Jami Johnson
  • Deflected Double Weave  Jennifer Verrall
  • Double Weave for a Waistcoat  Lesley Willcock
  • Double Weave Lessons  Linda Schultz
  • Exploring Double Huck  Cally Booker
  • Designing Deflected Double Weave Using an Overshot Draft  Sheila Carey
  • Three-Block Double Weave Bag to Co-ordinate with Cotton Lawn Fabric  Karen Erlebach
  • Scarf of Many Moods  Marilyn Harrington
  • Deflected Double Weave Snood  Liz Croft
  • Variations in Deflected Double Weave  Hedy Lyles
  • Trio of Wall Hangings in Layer Exchange  Brenda Gibson
  • Layer Exchange in 4S Colour-and-Weave  Stacey Harvey-Brown
  • Four-Block Double Weave in the DACA Photo Challenge 2020  Karen Erlebach
  • Inside the Weaving Box  Ramona Abernathy-Paine
  • Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun  Linda Arndt
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