October 2018

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From the Inbox: More on ‘Plaited Twills’ in Deflected Double Weave  Muffy Young

Seasons of My Soul  Lillian Whipple

Tropicamour, Anne-Marie Groulx’s First Two Solo Shows  Anie Toole

The Remote Presenter: How to Be in Two Places at Once  Stacey Harvey-Brown

Being the Presenter at a Distance  Wendy Morris

Using Leonardo da Vinci’s Creativity Strategy to Develop My Creative Sample for the Oscar Bériau Study Group  Elizabeth Evans

Tips & Tricks: Say ‘Yes’ to the Helping Hand   Carolyn Hart

Weaving Across the Water  Brenda Gibson and Lesley Willcock

Complex Weavers in Reno: CW Seminars and Complexity 2018  Ruth MacGregor

Fine Threads Study Group  Lillian Whipple, Coordinator

  • Fine Silk in Plaited Twill  Mariellen Boss
  • Frickinger Plate 46 Revisited  Edna Devai
  • Bertha Gray Hayes’s ‘Posey Patch’ Mary Pflueger
  • An 18th-Century Draft  Pat Foster
  • Hin und Wieder Snowflakes  Marian Carlson
  • Leaf Image in Tied Weave  Cynthia Broughton
  • Car Curtains  Marjie Thompson
  • Lampas and Moorman Inlay Pillow  Eva Stossel
  • Wacky Windows  Lillian Whipple

Kumihimo Study Group  Kathy Warner, Coordinator

  • Marudai Exchange: Rosalie Neilson, Cally Booker, Mary-Anne Dalkowski, Eileen Driscoll, Kathy Forsythe, Kay McWilliams, Anne Whitehead, Kathy Warner
  • Takadai Exchange: Sandra Brooks, Barbara J. Walker, Anne Whitehead, Diane Ashley-Smith, Marjie Thompson, Sandy Jessett
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