June 2017

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Tip & Tricks from Peggy Hart and Lynn Smetko

Personalized Yoga Mats and Pillows by Lillian A. Whipple

Interpreting Passementerie Galons in Ply-Split Darning by Barbara J. Walker

Fabric Patterns Found in Royal Paintings from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties of Egypt by Nancy Arthur Hoskins

Jacquard Study Group

  • Why Do European Jacquard Weavers Use a Reed With 30 Dents per Inch? by Sandra Hutton
  • Constructing Compound Weave Structures Using ArahWeave by Pat Stewart
  • Two Tips and Some Lampas Variations by Suzy Furness
  • Birds of a Feather and the History of the Flockettes by Sheila O’Hara
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