June 2016

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Flax and Linen, an Introduction by Ruth MacGregor

Properties of Hemp and Linen for Handweavers by Sara von Tresckow

Lessons from an Old Linen Towel by Bobbie Irwin

Rhapsody in Flax by Kati Meek

Fabric Patterns Found in Royal New Kingdom Tomb Paintings from Egypt: The Tomb of Tuthmosis IV by Nancy Arthur Hoskins

Loom-Woven Tubular Selvedges Attached to a Central Fabric in Plain Weave by Erica de Ruiter with Kati Meek, Drawdowns by Marian Stubenitsky

Oscar Bériau Study Group

  • Fancy Yarn and Gossamer Cloth by Elizabeth Evans
  • Tapis de Chenille by Isabelle Fusey
  • Experiments with Catalogne by Peggy Hart
  • Ms & Os for Bériau by Mary Underwood

For works included in Complexity 2016 please see the Complexity Gallery.

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