June 2015

Remembering Wanda Shelp by Linda Davis
Black and White, A Profile Design Tool by Barbara Walker
Pin Loom Takes Flight by Ruth MacGregor
A Comparison of Jacquard Looms by Tien Chiu
“I’m Just Curious. I just want to see how it works. I’m not going to buy a Jacquard.” by Sandra Hutton
Fabric Patterns Found in Minoan Frescoes from Crete by Nancy Arthur Hoskins
A Little Known Complex Weavers Fund by Marjie Thompson
The Space between Randomness and Order by Miles Visman
My Method of Sectional Warping a Small Two-Color Sample Warp on
an AVL Loom with the AVL Tension Box, by Cynthia Broughton

Sixteens Study Group

  • Poppies in Four Color Double Weave by Brenda Gibson
  • Four Color Double Weave by Linda Madden
  • My Fascination with Four Colors by Donna Jean Barker
  • Eureka, A Gold Mine of Color Blends by Frances Osten
  • Four Color Double Weave by Judith Yamamoto
  • Waves and Reflections by Mary G Doherty
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