June 2014

Beriau in the Basket by Mary Underwood

The Computer Aided Design Exchange Group, Beryl Moody, Coordinator

Complex Color Simulations in Photoshop by Tien Chiu

Getting Comfortable with Weaving Software by Diane de Souza

Turned Taquete: an Introduction by Bonnie Innouye

Eight Shaft Summer and Winter Wall Hanging by Pirkko Karvonen

Designing Warps for Interesting Weaving Demonstrations by Beryl Moody

The Early American Coverlet Study Group, Gay McGeary , Coordinator

Double Bowknot and Window Sash Table by Sue Parker Bassett

Fascination with Fringe by Gay McGeary

Sunrise and Window Sash Table by Judith Mulloy

The Beauty of a Well-Worn Coverlet by Sharon Stovall

Cape Breton Coverlets by Linda Hardison

A Coverlet for Today by Bonnie Weidert

Summer and Winter Game Bags by Debra Whitehead

Searching for Hidden Stitchers by Pat Stewart


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