February 2021

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Double Weave Pick-Up  Louise Lemieux Bérubé

Split-Shed Double Weave  Deborah Silver

Science and 3D Thinking  Melanie Olde

Quad Axial Weaving  Sally Orgren

A Double Weave Diary  Alice Schlein

Tips & Tricks: Aid to Sleying the Reed  Brenda Gibson

A Simple Method to Design Three- and Four-Color Samitum in Single Four-Tie  Bob Keates, from the notes of Ingrid Boesel

Pseudo-Damask on a Double Harness Loom  Jette Vandermeiden

Pseud0-Damask on a Shaft Loom, or the Pope’s Stockings  Kate Holmes

The Evolution of a Drawloom Warp  Amy Blair

The Complex Weavers Awards for 2020, compiled by Ginger Kaldenbach, are presented in their own gallery in the Awards section.

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