February 2017

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New Robes for the Judges of the High Court of Australia by Kay Faulkner

When Waves Collide by Theo Wright

The Complex Weavers Awards for 2016, compiled by Ginger Kaldenbach, are presented in their own gallery in the Awards section.

Weaving Inspired by Sashiko by Carla Gladstone

Japanese Textiles Study Group

  • Images of Interlacement in Japan by Bonnie Inouye
  • Hana Ori by Pat Foster
  • Reiko Sudo + Nuno: An Exhibition of Textiles from Japan by Marianne Heggtveit
  • Further Experimentation with Sakiori by Janney Simpson
  • Seigaiha, The Wave by Bonnie Inouye

Jacquard Study Group

  • A Double Twill Sample Blanket for Jacquard by Alice Schlein
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